Saturday, August 27, 2011

One Pasta Two Sauces

ground beef, ham, chopped onions, dark mushrooms,
chopped red bell pepper, basil tomato sauce, fresh basil

Order of operations:
saute onions and peppers in EVOO
add mushrooms (chopped garlic if you're not feeling lazy like I was)
add ham (or smoked sausage)
add ground beef (season to taste)
add sauce (or homemade tomato sauce.. again if not lazy)
let simmer (add red wine if you happen to be drinking some)
let simmer some more
add fresh basil last... enjoy!

butter, butter, butter,
chopped onions, dark mushrooms, 
heavy whipping cream, gouda, creme fraiche,
basil mustard, Riesling, fresh basil 

Order of operations:
start with butter, saute onions, 
add in sliced mushrooms (don't know the name of them but they are 
much darker than regular ones and have more of a meaty flavor.. like a truffle)
add liquid cream and let cook
add gouda (parmesan probably works too)
let cheese melt in to liquid
add creme fraiche (aka fancy sour cream)
let melt
let simmer
season to taste
add a bit of basil mustard and a bit of white wine
(Riesling is nice because of it's sweetness)
(nutmeg would probably be nice if you have some)
let simmer into super tasty, creamy, relatively thick sauce

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