Sunday, January 29, 2012

Make a Wish*

This week began with a race to use up all my leftovers before heading to the magical worlds of Universal and Disney in Orlando!

I began with a smaller version of Pioneer Woman's Prime Rib. The super salty slices of meat pared perfectly with Anthony's brussel sprouts sauteed in honey. Salty and sweet, just can't get away from the obsession. With the leftover prime rib, I created a spicy combo of the meat, cream cheese and jalapenos with a side of broccoli and leftover tomatoes from the best bruschetta recipe ever! Lastly, I used strips of the prime rib in loaded tacos using the leftover tortillas from when I made Rachel Ray's Mediterranean Fish Tacos .

Early Friday morning my friends and I left for Orlando and by 3pm we were drinking butter beer and casting spells at Hogwarts. The next 48 hours to follow were a blur of death dropping rides, childhood Disney memories (seeing as that we did 4 Disney parks in 1 day) and of course super tasty treats! Enjoy...

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